Denise has been singing pretty much all her life with her first big show being in the 4th grade when her chorus teacher heard this big voice coming from such a small child.  After that, there was no stopping her from doing what made her feel special.  She came on the local band scene in Charleston, SC in 1991 with the band “Stone Cold” and for the next ten years she jumped feet first into multiple group projects such as “Ant Herman”, “Another Voice of Reason”, “Natural Causes”, “Due Monday”, and “Savannah Rain” just to name a few.

After a ten year hiatus to raise her child, Denise came back stronger than ever in 2009 with her long time band mates of “Ant Herman” for a “Courageous Kids” cancer benefit show in which she was the vocalist for five different bands on that docket.  From there, Denise once again dove in and continues to be involved in multiple group projects.  Hollow Point being her main focus. 

Denise’s influences include Janis Joplin, Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes, Jane’s addiction, Concrete Blonde, Sass Jordan, Joss Stone, and Melissa Heart to name a few.  Not only does Denise have a strong voice but she also enjoys writing as well.  She has been involved in many writing projects with other local artists around Charleston.  Denise also plays the piano, guitar, as well as the bass guitar.  It’s the culmination of her many years of experience and passion that drives her to where she is today in pursuit of being a professional musician.